Friday, August 27, 2010


I know a lot of authors wait for inspiration to come to them. They could wait around for days, weeks, and even months and years for inspiration. I know, because I used to be one of them. When I wasn't feeling it, I didn't write. Simple as that. Now, things have changed. I may not be feeling it, but I can still write (and without forcing myself). The key, is finding inspiration in the world around you, not waiting for it to see you out, but for you to seek it.

Inspiration is everywhere. It's in a Leaning Tower Pisa water bottle. It's in seeing another aspiring writer. It's finding out more about the characters you love! The characters you created. There are things all around you that can be a source for information, you're only limited by how creative you can be with what you're given.

Check out these videos and see how creative you can get. How can you put these simple things to work in your mind to give you that added inspiration?

Aren't you ready to write a scene that has your MC running from something now? Not that I would recommend anyone doing this, but it is really impressive and it could provide inspiration for that scene that has just been bugging you. Maybe by watching someone else do some moves, you can get your battle/fight scene really rocking.

Need some inspiration to help you write a bit for the "little guy?" Check out this:

Finally, just need some raw emotion? Something to reach out to your audience and throw them into your character soooo deep that they no longer distinguish between their world and your book's? This one is definitely for you.

Sure, you could get almost all the inspiration you need from youtube, but that can be a serious drain on your writing time, so while you're walking through life, watch others on their own walk. All around you you will find others in the throws of their latest heartache, so in love it seems like the birds chirp just from them, with a fierce anger that goes far deeper than an outburst in the grocery store, a son who wishes to be his father, and a daughter who wishes anything other than to be like her mother.

Inspiration is everywhere. The trick is opening your eyes to it. It's time to play tag with Inspiration and you're it!

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