Friday, August 20, 2010

Because. I. Am. A. Writer.

Writing for me is more than just something I do. It is my very core.

I had an INCREDIBLE Language Arts/Literature teacher for my Junior and Senior years in high school and he said something I've never forgotten. "Poetry is defining the undefinable." While I rarely write poetry (okay, only if I have to for a class, and only if it's mandatory), I do write and the best way for me to describe why that is, is--

I am undefinable. Writing defines the undefinable.

So, why do I write? Because to not do so would leave me in a world of confusion. Life for me is confusing. It's ugly and messy and gross and weird and undefinable.  Writing takes all the jumbled, confused parts of me and spreads it near and far for the world to view. In some parts, it's beautiful, even gorgeous. In other places, it's vile, disgusting, and vulgar. In still others, the picture isn't clear, but the emotion of it can hit you faster and harder than a bull dressed in red. I write because I can take all of that and hand it to someone, they read it, and they get it. Even the unwritten bits that are too much to explain. The know life. They know the undefinable. They know me.

It can sometimes take a while for me to open up to someone. In fact, the person who knows me the best, is the person who has read the most.  It's the person I share everything with because she has read "me." The Me on paper that has no standards and nothing to hide. I can be open in that me and not worry about judgement. It's just a character, just a thought, just a whim of my imagination. Really, all of us writers know the truth...even the villains have a bit of us inside them (which considering my villians creeps me out a bit, well maybe a lot, but anyway). Some characters have more of us than we are willing to reveal. It's there all the same, the true me for those who wish to find that person. I can be every character and not have a personality disorder. Most people will be content to see what they see before them, but for those who wish to know what is really going on behind my hazel eyes, be forewarned, I'm sure there's a reason my subconscious hides behind the lies of characters. 

So, why do I write? Because people are undefinable. Because I'm undefinable. Because it gives me a chance to be me, every side of me. Because I can. Because. I. Am. A. Writer.

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