Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Goodness!

I'm sorry it's late I didn't get home until a few minutes ago I was at a church function.

But I DIDN'T forget, I'm here see? See?

Okay, I'm Hayley Potter.

Kidding, kidding, I was just playing off of the Houdini comment--I have no magic skills and to my great sadness I do not attend Hogwarts, nor am I related to Harry Potter. Let's all take a moment to mourn.

I'm Hayley, plain old Hayley. But my nickname in third grade was Hayley Potter because I was that in love with the book series, it is the reason I can read and why I love books, it is also why I write.

One of the reasons I'm so late in posting is 1)I was working today 2) I was at a church function, with my parents 3) I'm in the throws of typing my edits for one of my buddies into the computer and I'm gonna be up late finishing, but then I will send her my completed beta.

Here's the deal. I work at a chocolate store, yes tempting, but you'd be surprised I've barely sampled anything and after being around the smell all day you are not as tempted to stuff your face with their goodies as you'd think. When I tell people where I work they always assume I'm an unhealthy eater/have bad habits--which is not the case I am a conscious eater but do allow myself to splurge on occasion.

Okay now that I've awkwardly talked about my food habits lets move onto another topic. I am going to be a senior in high school, a "rising" senior as the college peoples say it. I am planning on, in college, majoring in English and Creative Writing eventually and then getting a teaching degree and teaching high school/middle school students. That is my plan, but plans change of course. I have two cats, McAllister and Finnegan, they're brothers but you'd never guess it. Because Finn looks like a tiger, and is a short hair whilst Mac is a rare tri-color male (white, black and brown) with long hair, but they're brothers from the same litter. Oh and Super-Ninja-Midnight-Cat, as my friend Kathryn calls her, she is my twelve year old all back, except for one white toe, cat; whom I named Midnight because as a kitten her toe reminded me of "a full moon at midnight" hence the name. I was also four, so cut me some slack for the creativity, or lack thereof, please.

I love photography, art, writing (duh), and sleep. Lots and lots of beautiful sleep. I love my critique partners--you guys rock! And well books, I have a library in my room, alphabetized by author. And yes on my computer I do have a catalog of all the books, and a chart on the side of my bookshelf for when people barrow from me, so I know who has what. I'm only a little CDO, that's OCD in the right order, if you're wondering.

What else...I don't really know what else to tell you. Umm I'm your average seventeen year old, I've got lots of drama--not mine I am a drama avoider, my friends however tend to be drama magnets-- in my life, a HUGE family. Trust me lots of relatives. And a bull mastiff named Seamus he is a runt, and my kitties think that he is their mommy and they suckle on the ends of his ears. It is very cute, and I have it on camera.

I want to cut my hair and dye it bubble gum pink, like Tonks from Harry Potter but 1)my job wont allow it 2)I do not have the guts. 3)There is NO way I could pull it off, it would clash with my face.

Uh I believe Bethany is up next, she's a great girl. You're going to love her!

Oh and the title is basically my catch phrase, I say "Oh goodness" all the time, for lots of different things.


  1. Hayley, since you didn't announce this to the world I will...

    You are genuine and kind and enthusiastic about the big and the small.

    This new site is great!!

  2. Wow someone to rival my own Potter love. <3
    P.S. I also worked in a job surrounded by chocolate (choco dipped fruit to be specific) and the smell definitely got to me.

  3. K.M.- I did announce it, on my blog but you are more than welcome to keep sharing it! And thank you for all the complements, *blushes* I appreciate it. However I cannot take credit for the design or the original group idea, that all falls to Em, Aaron, Ella and Bethany.

    Bethany- Didn't you know that I wanted you in the group for your HP love? Well not really that was just a lovely plus, also we can totally gush over HP whenever you'd like I'm always ready to freak out about it, and love it with all I have. I know, I need to get a life.