meet us

Hello and welcome to Inkslinger Girls, online home to our critique group, the Inkslingers. Our email chains to each other were getting out of control, so we've taken our kvetching to the web!

We are six girls (ages 17-28) who share a passion for YA lit. We read it, we write it, and we tear it apart to help each other become better writers. While we each have our own niche interests and our own WIPs, we are exactly alike in our love of the journey- the joy of writing, the satisfaction of improvement, and the unique bond between writers.

Feel free to follow along as we post about the issues that cross our writerly paths. Along the way, there are sure to be challenges, triumphs, and a few OMG moments. Buckle up, blogophere! The road ahead looks wild and splattered, of course, with ink.