meet our WIPs

Inkslinger- Aaron
Title: Monstrous
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Mythological Fantasy
Description- As she lay waiting to die in a abandoned library in post apocalyptic Nebraska, Tawny Lester gets a visit from three mysterious women with big plans for her. Without asking if she actually wanted to go on living or not, they healed her, and now she's starting to change into something else. With snakes in place of hair and a gaze that turns the recipient to stone, Tawny is fast realizing that she isn't the prey anymore- she's the predator.

Inkslinger- Bethany M. 
Working Title- Boys of Betrayal
Genre- Urban Fantasy/Fantasy
Seventeen-year-old Giddian reunites with his three siblings just in time to lead the world through its biggest change in 1500 years, but the demons of his past yank him away from what the world needs him to be. It's his choice....hero or villain.