Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nice to Meet You

Well, Ella’s pretty much summed me up already. “Uber organized Aaron,” that’s me in a nut shell (and beyond). However, I have a feeling that a three word introduction just isn’t going to cut it, so I’ll elaborate.

Anyway, I'm Aaron, and the last time I checked I was 22 (sometimes it gets away from me). I live in a small blue and white dorm room in Alaska where I’m working on my Education degree. As far as family goes there’s my parents, two younger brothers (who aren’t all that young anymore), my nephew (who just turned one), my dog (a black lab who thinks she’s a Yorkie), and my two fish.

As previously mentioned I have a thing about being organized, and as a result I lead a very planned life. I don’t feel right unless I have a to-do-list tacked up on the wall and am following some type of schedule. Every outfit I wear is carefully planned and coordinated to make sure that it matches, and unless I have to I won’t start a story until I’ve written all of the key plot points down on note cards. Yes, I realize that I have a problem.

In my free time I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, scrap booking, knitting, and cross stitching. However, I love trying new hobbies, and if I can get my hands on a book telling me how to do something new then I’ll try it.

When it comes to reading I prefer books where an ordinary person gets thrown into an out of the ordinary situation or where an out of the ordinary person gets thrown into an ordinary situation. I usually find what I’m looking for in fantasy and science fiction books, but I’ve recently discovered that mystery books can also give it to me. I don’t really have favorite authors just authors who can hold my attention, and so far the only authors who have made that list are Charlaine Harris and Joanne Fluke (plus Emery, Bethany, Hayley, and Ella).

Well, that’s me, and next up… the amazing Hayley (she kinda sounds like Houdini when I put it like that, huh).


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  1. i really like that you emailed the 4 of us a to-do list right before this post went live.

    that's our aaron! ;)