Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday Comes Clean: August Confessional

Whoo, my dirty laundry sure has piled up! Here are my top 6 (random) confessions:

1. I may say that I love bad boys in books/T.V./movies (and I so do!), but in reality, all I really want is a nice guy, (like Will from Glee or Ned from Pushing Daisies! *Swoon*)

2. In addition to becoming a published YA author, my other dream is to live in an old (possibly haunted) farmhouse seeped in history, marry the man of my dreams and eventually become…a mommy. :)

3. Even though I’m now 21, I’d much rather drink a Shirley Temple (with extra cherries!) then an alcoholic beverage.

4. One of my earliest career choices was to play for the Yankees (thank god writing was always my top choice, lol!)

5. One time in high school, a friend and I watched Harry Potter movies 1-5 all in one day-In. A. Row. Let’s just say, by the end of the movie marathon, I was sick (but only temporarily, of course!) of The Boy Who Lived!

6. My "book baby" (aka my current WIP) is "due" on Halloween and I'm freaking out! Guess it's time to break out the chocolate! Any suggestions on how to get over a wicked case of firstdraftitus?

Until next time,

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