Friday, September 17, 2010

Quirky Writer Quirks

I know there is an ongoing debate on playing music while writing and not playing music while writing.
I admit, I'm a playa. ha ha
Not that quirky I'll admit, but I don't really have much to go on. I write a lot, where ever and whenever I can. The thing is I have to be in the right mood and generally I am, but music makes me get there a whole lot faster. The key to my whole music is an almost must is that it must be the right music and I'm rather finicky about it. There's no way I can listen to I'm walkin' on Sunshine while writing a battle. NO. WAY. IN. HECK. But, I can definitely get my mojo going with this:

So yeah, I listen to music while I write, but I also can only listen to a certain kind of music. Sometimes it's very obscure and I'm not sure why a certain song works and another doesn't. I just know that it does work which really is all I care about in the end. It's all about writing for me.

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