Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Confessions

1. I'm obsessed with Penn Badgley. I know he plays on Gossip Girl, but ever since I saw him in the movie The Stepfather, I've gone a little gaga. So much so that Penn is the inspiration for my MC's love interest in my current WIP! :)

2. I have a speech due in my Public Speaking class and a 25,000-50,000 word WIP to finish-all by Halloween. Along with, oh, you know, finding time somewhere in there to actually enjoy the Holiday (what have I gotten myself into?) FML. :P

3. I may say that in reality I want to find a nice guy to fall in love with...but that didn't stop me from having a totally swoon-worthy dream about Damon from The Vampire Diaries:

4. I know this is pretty far off into the future and a big maybe, but if my WIP was ever made into a movie, I'd want an unknown but awesome actress to play my MC, Penn Badgley to play her love interest (of course!) and Johnny Depp/James Mccavoy/Damon Cooper to play- Oh, what am I saying, either one (or all three!) could play the janitor for all I care! Either way, I'd be one happy girl! :)

5. I worry that I'll never be as good at writing suspense/sexual tension/horror as the greats, like Stephen King, Kimberly Derting, Becca Fitzpatrick or Laurie Stolorez, 'cause man can they write (and they also have the power to make me want to sleep with the light on after reading their books, now that's talent!)


P.S. I apologize for the placement of those pictures, they weren't supposed to right underneath each other at the top of the page like that, but Blogger hates me (ha! What else is new?) and won't let me move them where I want to! Gah! Technology sucks! On the bright side? At least the guys in the pics are easy on the eyes and your not forced to look at something ugly and totally creepy like, say...clowns. Ugh, clowns...*shudders*)

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