Friday, September 3, 2010

August Confessional: Bethany

I have never really done a confessional before so I'm super pumped to give it a try!

  1. I have a huge tendency to trip over my own feet. It's an issue and my dorm this year has this 1/2 step to get into the building (really, it's silly. It's like it tried to become a step and then just quit halfway through) and I think it's going to kill me. I've already tripped over it countless times and I've only lived here for about 2 weeks. I think it has it out for me and my clumsiness. 
  2. I have four calendars in my dorm room (that doesn't count my roomie's). Generally, they'll stay in August the entire year. I always think I'll remember to change them but alas, no. I'm hoping I'll make it to at least September this year (*OMG bangs head in embarrassment*, going to change two of the calendars so I can say I've made it to September). 
  3. As of this year, I've been driving for 5 years (really just 4 'cause I didn't drive much when I was 16) and I've locked my keys in my car at least 6 times. Once while the car was running. (No, sadly I'm not joking)
  4. I made mud pies two days ago. Well, technically it was because I needed to for a class (Soils Lab if you must know). But the confession part is that I really, quite thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
  5. I don't know if I believe there are ghosts, but I've heard rumors that there's a certain transparent "Blue Lady" who walks the bell tower near my dorm and I maybe, might be making extra excuses to go take a stroll when it gets dark outside. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed my confessions I definitely enjoyed everyone elses'. Have a great weekend!

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