Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Confessional: Aaron

1. I stayed up till two in the morning researching trig applications in physics just so that I could blow the two other tutors, who are both physics experts and never let me forget it, out of the water at work the next morning.

2. Every day I bring a travel mug with me to school, and I tell my students that it is full of tea. It's not, what it's actually full of is two cups worth of hot chocolate. Yeah, I'm a horrible role model.

3. My third graders are helping me do background research for this year’s NaNoWriMo novel, and it's so cute seeing them all crowded around the snake book I bring with me to school everyday studiously taking notes and telling each other how to spell the big words.

4. My mom has declared that she won’t let me in the house unless I bring down the directions and ingredients for three new recipes that will blow her friends way, so I’m in the process of tracking them down so that I can spend a fun filled weekend cooking for other people.

5. Instead of just going to the store and buying them I spent Sunday night making Pay Day candy bars for my host teacher's birthday.

6. My roommates give me a hard time because I bake a rich chocolaty dessert at least once a week, but I just smile and nod because I know the truth. The truth is I set side half to take to my host school, and by the next morning my roommates have eaten the rest. I'm lucky if I get the piece I've started hiding in the cupboard behind the potatoes.


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