Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Gets Quirky

This week, it's all about quirks! Now, before today, I never really thought I had an writerly quirks, but the more I thought about it, the more I think I do!

First off, I'm a very visual person, so almost as soon as I get a new story idea, I start gathering pictures that I think will represent the story best. I love looking online for pictures of actors and actresses that I think most look like my MC and I also love finding pictures for their house, bedroom, hometown, or for any situation they may find themselves in (especially if it involves kissing, there's nothing like finding a picture of the perfect kiss or romantic moment to get your creative juices flowing! :), you name it, I've got a picture for it.

Another thing that I have to have before I sit down to write: tunes. Very rarely can I sit and write in complete silence, I usually have to have some type of music playing in the background before I can get into the writing mood. I love classic rock, so I'll definitely throw some of that into the mix, along with songs that I think best represent whatever story I'm working on at the moment and of course, I'll include songs that I just love listening to, no matter what I'm writing, like songs from Glee or songs from any of the Twilight soundtracks (especially Muse) and last, but certainly not least songs from my new favorite band in the whole wide world, Florance + The Machine (seriously, check them out, Florance's voice is A-MAZING)!!! :) And, in case your wondering, I find my music either on AOL Radio or Playlist.com, both are awesome sites to listen to music for free!

As for the perfect outfit to wear when I write, it has to be something comfortable that I can move easily in, like a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. If what I'm wearing is uncomfortable, then I'll become easily distracted and spend my time fidgeting instead of writing.

On the subject of a favorite food and drink to have nearby while I write, for the food, I would have to say either those bags of sweet and salty trail mix or chocolate, anything with chocolate. For a drink I would have to say either water, coffee, peppermint tea or a steamer, mmm... :) (I've also been thinking about adding a frappacino to the list, maybe buying a pack of those that come in glass bottles at the store, those are YUM! The only thing is, I would have to force myself to have only one a week, maybe as a reward if I reach a wordcount goal, they're super fattening)!

Finally, I think the biggest writing quirk I've learned about myself is that to write, I need some sort of stimulation, I need something going on around me. If I had the opportunity to be locked in a room that was completely silent with no distractions whatsoever, I probably wouldn't write a word, I'd be driven mad by the vast echoing silence all around me. But give some music, a sound machine, a crazy family or a crowded coffee shop and I can write till the cows come home! :)

Until next time!

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