Friday, January 14, 2011

Productivity or BUST!

Productivity is at it's max for me whenever I am most busy. It used to be that I was best at 2 am but most days I'm just too tired for that anymore and my brain is fried from classes and work. So.....

Exibit A:
One week before fall finals....alone in the dorm with super awesome sidekick roomie. It's about 10 in the evening after a full day of classes and work. 
Bethany: I'm just sooooo tired of this crap. It's all crap. Who needs it?
Sidekick: No one. How was work?
Bethany: Uuuuuuuggggggghuh. (<--that was a really bad groan of exhaustion that I was too exhausted to utter)
Sidekick: What happened?
Bethany: There were people...everywhere....they all wanted things.....sooooo many things.
Sidekick: It is a university library and it is nearly finals week.
Bethany: I just want to stop. I want all of it to just stop. Why can't I just write. That's all I want, to write. (in a sad pathetic moan) I juuuuustt wannnnnna write!
Sidekick: It sucks.
Bethany: Why does it have to be so hard?
Sidekick: It's life?

As you can see, finals or near finals week would obviously be a bad time to try to write even more than I normally do. Could I have done it earlier? YES. Did I? Noooooo. Why? I don't know. I write pretty much all the time, but for some reason a huge surge hits me right when I'm supposed to be doing a project or during finals get the idea.

I guess you could say I strive when I'm challenged within an inch of sanity...note to self discover the units of sanity before you fall off that cliff.

I hope everyone has a good day! And happy writing when you're busy and when you're bored to tears. :)

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