Saturday, January 1, 2011

Late late goals.

Here is the full post, but I'm in a rush so I wanted to say SORRY x INFINITY for the late-ness. I am going to imporve on this in the new year, though my start has not been good. Here is a summarized list of my goals.

Do MORE research for Glass Heart
-Finish Glass Heart
-Read, over 100 books
-Pass AP exams (with flying colors)
-Give Kittens baths
-Continue to work on stepping out of my comfort zone.
-Query until my fingers bleed (after finishing
And editing obviously)
-Choose a school(for those who are wondering I have been accepted to 6 for 6, out of 14 applications so it will be tough. What was I thinking?)
-Buy(and read) EVERY book that is written by one of my buddies on the blogsphere
-Buy a Wand from Olivanders at TMWOHP.
-Figure out some of the Bestie angst I've been dealing with.
-Clean my room
-Categorize my entire book collection before departing for college
-Organize my life (hehe not happening, but I can hope)
-Help out my crit. groups as much as I can.
-Oh and most important, be at the Midnight Showing for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 in full HP garb. Yes I am that kind of nerd!
-Alright, I lied, this is the most important, begin posting regularly again, on this blog and my personal blog.

Here is my complete ramble filled post over on my personal blog, if you want to read it otherwise, sorry again, I PROMISE I am going to do better.


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