Friday, January 28, 2011

It has been 31 days since my last confession.....

and I have the following to confess:

1. If you are a writer and want a quiet place full of books and empty of people to work go to a University library the first two weeks of a new semester. DEAD. AS. A. DEADPERSON. (I should know, this is my place of work)  promise they'll let you in free of charge and won't care at all if you stay there for hours or ask them endless questions. (There are only so many hours you can sit in one spot and watch nothing happen.)

2. If you are a gardener, then you will appreciate my laugh when my professor said the following while we, his students, were elbow deep in azaleas, "If you end up with a rash the next couple days, don't worry, it's the azaleas." (No worries, apparently azaleas don't think I'm at all that dangerous and therefore not worthy of rashness...ha, catch that play on words?)

3. Wednesday night I spent three hours re-reading....and my mauscript. Here are some of the things past me wrote: (I blame the writing challenge of 20,000words in two weeks)
      "Lies are like balloons, when they pop, they scare the hell out of you."
      "Lying to Ester(grandmother-type) was like eating a lollypop off the sidewalk, you just felt bad after doing it."

4. I discovered four songs, YEAH 4!, I can't believe it either, that fit one of my main characters to perfection. I usually have a terrible time finding a song that works perfectly and I found FOUR! I'm ecstatic. These totally get me in the writing zone. Click on them to hear them for yourself. Any guesses on what I'm writing?

Not me btw, Source
5.  I started my welding class (I have yet to set fire to my person:) and had a major book epiphany just as the professor was trying to talk to us about a certain kind of welding. Not really funny huh? Well, imagine your face when you get a brilliant book idea.....right. Now, make that face in front of several people and your academic advisor/professor. Yes, welcome to my life. Above is a pic of welding, not me, notice lack of unruly tresses. Go here next week for a post when I compare writing to welding....sure to be fun :) and fiery.

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