Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Month of New Experiences

2010 was a grueling year, and I went into 2011 expecting more of the same. But this month those expectations got turned on their ear.

1. I got several expensive gifts for Christmas, but my favorite gift by far was a package of four dollar cherry red hair extensions that my brothers got me. It only took me an hour of telling them over and over that no I wasn't joking for them finally believe that they would be a good gift for me.

2. My mom couldn’t get out of town to get her hair cut, so she had me cut her hair. All of my mom’s friends are commenting on the fact that it’s the first time in 15 years she has changed up her style. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not.

3. My mom, who never talks about the fact that I write, asked me if I would write a book based on her mother’s life, and she was stunned when I broke the news to her that I was already planning on it.

4. The morning after I shaved off all my hair, I was walking through the halls of the school I work at and one of the male teachers turned to do a double take of my hair and ended up tripping over a book sculpture and almost crushing a kindergartner. People clapped.

5. My mentor teachers were joking about wishing they could have a large loom for the classroom, but I thought they were serious and built a 4 foot by 3 foot free standing loom out of PVC pipe for the kids to use.

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