Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kicking Butt

So I like never have time to write anymore.

And that is because my entire world consists of school/work/school/work wash and repeat a billion times.

So when I find myself in a position to spew words onto a page, it is safe to say that I take it by storm and uh ignore the rest of the world, seriously. I have failed exams because I...uh...lost focus and turned my minds eye to writing and forgot about studying. Yeah...

So I have these moments.

When I am prepared I like to have a nice box of thin mints, a steaming hot cup of Honey Chamomile tea(capitalized cause it's important), a dark chocolate bar, cheese and crackers, onion dip and pretzels, and my favorite chocolates from my local store.

I know you've got to be thinking, wow what a pig. But I do not have them all at once, the bolded ones are the ones that are a must. The rest are interchangeable, in fact talking about the onion dip makes me want some really bad...anywho I digress.

I then disconnect my internet (okay not always...) lock myself off from the world, in my room or the living room, blast my iPod and let it all go.

When I am not prepared...uh I use anything and everything I can to get the ideas down. My arm, old receipts, used napkins (okay that's gross, I'm kidding), pants, the back of a test etc. I get kind of desperate, and by kind of I mean like so very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very to like the billionth degree freak out.

And then I write. Just like that, I write.

I know I'm getting in the zone when I lose my train of thought and can't help but day dreaming, and talking to myself and appearing completely crazy to the world. And that is how I get in the zone and kick butt writing.

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