Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Postponement

Yeah I was thinking about my post all week, in fact drafts are scribbled in my English notebook, I left that at school, and fell asleep when I got home tonight, and of course remembered when I woke up five minutes ago. So I don't have it for you. Hence why I'm going to do my post on Saturday. I'm so sorry you guys! But I HAVE it done. I'm so mad at myself for leaving it in my stupid locker. Stupid school, it is a brain suck.

Stupid brain suck.
Stupid school.



  1. If I didn't hate school myself at the moment I might resent your comments.

    -Aaron (aka a future teacher)

  2. If you worked in radio or television, I think what you just did would be called a "tease" - heightened anticipation, keep them coming back.

  3. I think you're better than be because at least you remembered :) It was my topic and it flew out of my brain.