Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Classics Vs. Current

In high school, I was forced to read a lot of books that I hated, more specifically, the classics, like Moby Dick, Of Mice and Men and A River Runs Through It. Ok, scratch that, hate is a strong word, let's just say that I wasn't very fond of the classics, especially when there were no werewolves or zombies anywhere in sight!

Current reads though, especially YA? Can't get enough of the stuff! Dude, my teenage-self would have died and gone to heaven if the amazing books that are around today were around back then! I think that was one of the many reasons I started writing all those years ago, I was unsatisfied with what was available for kids my age, so I wanted to write something that I would like to read.

Once I got further into reading the classics though (or watched the movie adaptions, that always made it a little more bearable) I realized that they weren't as bad as I had initially thought they were. For example, after my junior English class and I were done reading A River Runs Through It, we got to watch the movie adaption (starring a young Brad Pitt, yes please!) and by that point I was really enjoying the story, but then our teacher took it one step further by taking us to the gym where were we got to practice casting a fly fishing pole. It was then that I was sold: That book/movie and that sport are amazing and I never realized how beautiful and elegant fly fishing is and and after that experience in the gym (where I was referred to as a natural-I'm still flattered by that comment, even years later!) I've wanted to try fly fishing for real.

So even though I think I'm more of a fan of current books then classic ones, there are those certain classics like A River Runs Through It, that really make an impact on me. And when current and classics mix together? Even better! Take for example, Jane Austen. I love her, except, I've never read-or finished reading, anyway-her books. I've watched the movie adaptions though and have loved them and thought that would be that. But then I found a book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and as soon as I saw the title and the creepy cover, I was hooked! And then I started reading it and loved it even more! Never finished (I know, it's a filthy habit) but after reading what I did of the book, I realized that it is possible to combine two different types of books together to make one book that both readers of classics and current reads will love. I mean common' The Bennett sisters turned zombie slayers? Heck yes! And, of course, Mr. Darcy, can't forget him! :)

So which do you prefer? Classics, current stuff or a combination? Why? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Ooo, just the mention of "Of Mice and Men" made me break into a cold sweat... we spent an entire term on Steinbeck in high school. A very cold, dark term.