Friday, November 26, 2010

CONTEST RESULTS!!! and Thankfullness

Yay! Today's the day after Thankgiving aka the biggest shopping day of the year aka Black Friday. I hope you are all either avoiding the crowds and chilling out with a good book digesting all of that turkey, or scoring some great deals. Some of our followers (THIS MEANS YOU...maybe) have also scored big in critiques!

As you might recall (unless the gravy wiped your brain of cells, hey, it's been done), we had a contest a while ago and we FINALLY have tallied the results and they are as follows:

These people have won a critique by the person who posts on the day they won!
Monday: Emery
                         Congrats Marin Longnecker!
Tuesday: Ella
                         Congrats Corey Schwartz!
Wednesday: Aaron
                         Congrats Jewels!
Thursday: Hayley
                         Congrats Shannon O'Donnell!
Friday: Bethany M (ME!)
                         Congrats Sharon K. Mayhew!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: wins a critique from the 6 of us!


Dear Contest Winners:
     If you have won a critique you should have recieved an email. If not, please email the person who is doing your critique or any one of us :) for details on what to do next!

On to being thankful:

Okay, so my thankfulness post is a little late for Thanksgiving, but that's probably not as important as recognizing what I'm thankful for, regardless of the day. More than anything I'm thankful for one thing: LIFE. Without my own life I would have nothing to be thankful for. I wouldn't exist on this day to say thanks to my parents, to my sisters or my family, my dog and my cows, or even the goats. I would never be able to look at a sunset or just an  open field with that wonderness that fills me (yes, I am sure I just made up that word). I couldn't write or appreciate agriculture. I wouldn't be able to get my hands dirty or make mistakes. There is so much that I can do just because I'm alive. I think sometimes we take life for granted even more than the things or people in our lives.

I know this is a short post, but sometimes less is more. I could list everything I can think of that I'm thankful for (I did last year) but instead I'd like to hear what you are thankful for. Let me know in the comments!

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