Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Round Robin!

Tuesday here! :)

I'm so excited for Round Robin-Em's portion of the story was fabulous, no? :) Here's my portion of the tale, enjoy!
The cell phone slipped from my fingers and landed on the ground with a loud clatter as I whipped around to face my assailant. I raised my fist and swung outward blindly, aiming to hit whatever part of them I could reach.
"McKenna, wait, stop!" the stranger-a guy-pleaded.
My heart flew to my throat, the metallic taste of fear coating the inside of my mouth. What the Hell? How did this guy know my name?
I felt my fist connect with what I assumed was his jawbone and heard him cry out in pain. "McKenna, please-"
And before I could bring my now aching fist back for a second punch, he added hastily, "McKenna, it's me-Isaac!"
I froze.
It couldn't be...Isaac?
My best friend? The same boy I grew up with? The same boy who I told all my secrets to? Who I shared my first kiss with on a dare when we were ten? My blood turned to ice in my veins-
Isaac...the same boy who was presumed dead one year ago?
Now it's your turn! If you want to continue the tale of McKenna and Isaac, pick up where the story left off and write what happens next in 250 words max in the comments!

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