Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best Movie I Watched in September

I know the topic is The Best Book I Read in September but since I never got around to finishing reading any books (I know, sad, right?!), I thought instead I'd blog about The Best Movie I Watched in September which was...The Last Song!

I'd been wanting to see this movie the moment I heard it was being made. I read the book (part of it, anyway, I cried too much while reading it and couldn't bring myself to finish it!) by Nicholas Sparks (aka a totally swoon-worthy genius!) back in March and loved it and couldn't wait to see the movie.

I was a little skeptical about Miley Cyrus playing the main character Ronnie and wasn't sure if she could pull it off, and even though there were some times throughout the movie that she got on my nerves with all her moodiness, I thought she did really well for her first big, serious movie role (plus I loved her song When I Look at You and played it on repeat like ten times when I first heard it!) and her love interest Will? *Swoon* Plus, her little brother was super cute and her Dad? Wow, he rocks!

All in all, I give this movie five stars! I laughed, I cried (honestly, I came this close to flat out bawling!) and I adored the romance and the beachy setting. Really though, what this movie does is make you appreciate family that much more and reminds you to not take things for granted. Let's just say, that by the time your done watching this movie, all you'll want to do is give your Dad a great big hug, 'cause that's exactly what I wanted to do! (And I would have, except I was afraid that if I did, I would burst into tears-that's how much this movie got to me!) So, dear readers, go fourth, buy it, rent it, or borrow it, just watch this movie! You won't regret it! :)


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