Friday, October 22, 2010

Read Robin

Up, Up. Get up! I yelled at myself. I stood, swaying until I could regain my balance. I must have hit my head harder than a thought. My brains felt like they were pounding a rebellion out against my skull. I planted my feet and reached out a hand to the rusty fence that surrounded the graveyard, trapping me within it's bounds. On an ordinary day, I would have jumped it without thinking, but Isaac's face stood out to me in the night's darkness, even now, I couldn't leave him. Not again. As if I summoned him, the Fader appeared.

Sauntering down the church's back steps, his now white orbs searched through the graves and the trees trying to find me. His body was harder to define in the moonlight, for it showed all what he truly was, a shadow. A Fader was something from my childhood, a story everyone in my village is told about, but no one has ever seen one. That, of course, I remind myself was before Isaac was taken. Even then, only I saw the Fader for what he was, just as I see him now.

Faders were shadows sent in the night, absorbing the human form before they took you. To where, no one knew. I didn't even know and I had been tracking them for the past seven years. Hopelessly hoping that somehow Isaac had made it, or maybe because I might be able give someone the gift he gave me.

"Come and get me," I yelled, surprising myself in the process. "No one abuses my friend's skin without hearing from me."

"Who says I've even taken it?" The chuckled carried over the tombs, haunting the night. "Who says I am not whom I say? Who else could know you as I do McKenna...Cricket?"

Cricket. How could he know? No way, I told myself. There is no reason for a Fader, a virtual mirror of life, know anything other than taking the skins of those he encountered, and yet...

"Come out Cricket." He called to me. "Maybe we can give us another chance."

My feet abandon good sense as they walk out towards the shadow with white orbs in the place of eyes. The shadow that used to be Isaac, my Isaac.

That's all for me. I hope you all have a great weekend!! Don't forget to add to the story in the comments. Let's see how far we can get it!

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