Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Has Been One Month Since My Last Confession...

1. Lately, I've become addicted to eating fruit. Seriously, I've been eating 1-3 pieces of fruit everyday, usually apples or oranges. Weird, I know, but so good!

2. I <3 Rolling in the Deep by Adele! And what's most shocking to me besides her killer voice...she's only 23!

3. I can't wait to see Red Riding Hood and Beastly! 2011 seems to be the year for retold fairytales! :)

4. Lately, whenever I run across a blog saying that someone has snagged a book deal or it's the day of their book release, I get a little teary-eyed. Why? I'm not sure, I think, even though it's something I want just as bad as any other writer working toward publication and I may feel a pang of jealousy, it also feels great to see that if they can do it, I can too. It feels amazing to know that this dream, however elusive it may seem at times, really is possible if you have passion and you work hard enough. And, most importantly, when you refuse to give up!

And, on that note, I want to give a HUGE congrats to Lisa and Laura Roecker, whose debut novel The Liar Society releases TODAY! YAY! I'm so happy for you both, girls, you deserve it! Now, go out and get yourself a copy! :)



  1. I love Adele. She's one of my favorite artists.

    It's normal to feel some jealousy when seeing another writer succeed. Turn it into motivation to do what it takes go get the same place!

  2. Since you're on a fairy tale kick lately, you should check out the wikipedia page on the history of fairy tales. I stumbled into it the other day and got completely lost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_tales