Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hopeless Romantic Takes The Stage!!

So this week it is favorite fictional couples.

I am warning you now. I am probably one of the biggest hopeless romantics in the world. I'm that girl in the movie theater who freaks out at the littlest motions and actions on the screen and you roll your eyes and think "Jeeze could she just shut the F up?" I apologize now if you have ever been in a theater with me, and I have been that girl. Recently I have been able to control myself more, however the bruises on the arms of my friends from where I grab hold and squeeze or whack to emphasize that something was important.

I take everything and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING over analyze it, break it down and somehow manage to warp whatever it was into some deeper meaning about the characters suppressed sexual feelings...I sound crazy right? Yes, I do I know and hat is okay because I came to terms with it long ago.

BTW I am usually right. Just sayin'.

Alright. Lets get going then shall we?

First up, my first true ship, one I did not realized existed until I understood what a ship was. (For those of you who do not speak 'Fandom', and ship is shortened from relationship it means that you want a pair to be together.)

So first up...Ron and Hermione.

Now I will not lie, when I first read the first book I wanted it to be Harry and Hermione. Now please bear in mind I had a best friend who I maybe had a crush on, and well I placed my group of friends into characters shoes. What kid doesn't? Anywho so when I saw the second movie there was this moment, right at the end where Ron goes to hug Hermione then hesitates. And BAM! That was the moment. I just got it. Now there is a beauty to the dynamic of these two, they are always at each others throats, bating each other and forming a friendship that lasts through traumatic events and death. I have had a bond like that before in my lifetime, and she is still my best friend to this day, I would do anything for her. Their bond is one of those that is built on a complete understanding of the other person the good, the bad, and the annoying.

Now though I will not discuss them, Harry and Ginny, hello they rock. Enough said.

Second up, Will and Lyra, from His Dark Materials. Okay I am a sucker for tortured souls (yes I am a Romeo and Juliet fan, thank you very much), so when these two kids, who had become best friends, and sacrificed parts of themselves for each other, had to say goodbye, a permanent unchangeable goodbye. I cried. I cried long and hard and well was just sad. Their stories had crossed universes to unite two children who had basically no one else and they became the world to each other. And then by choice for the greater good, let the other go. If that is not love I do not know what is.

Wesley and Buttercup, The Princess Bride, I had to have watched this movie a billion times when I was little, there was a time where I could quote it word for word. And when I read the book, I was just completely blown away, the writing was amazing captivating, and the couple who I thought were just soul mates became so much more. I saw their relationship and understood, it was more than just a pretty story it was a love tale for the ages.

Julie and Luke from Don't Die, My Love, I read this when I was just twelve in Florida, sitting out by the pool, I had just suffered a big loss and this book caught me. Yes the title is a tell for the ending. Do not judge me I was going through a phase. The point is it was just a story about how two people even in the face of death stuck by each other and did everything they could to help the other, to make life easier for the other, despite the fact that both were dying on the inside (physically and figuratively). Safe to say they won my heart and took my breath away. Also really pissed off my family because I ended up crying in my sleep after finishing so...

Now I am just going to list, because I can. Listing is fun, and then I also have to go to bed soon so...

Shane and Claire, Morganville Vampires.
Remy and Dexter, This Lullaby.
Zoe and Chard, Aimee.
Fiona and Reed, The Safe-Keepers Secret.
Annika and Steve, Just One Wish.
Morgead and Jez, Night World; Huntress.
Brittany and Alex, Perfect Chemistry.
Landon and Jamie, A Walk to Remember.
Noah and Allie, The Notebook.
Aislinn and Seth, Wicked Lovely.
Jordan and Courtney, Two-way Street.
Jessica and Jonathan, The Midnighters.
Simon and Zoe, The Silver Kiss.
Ian and Cassie, Wild Roses.
Vivian and Gabriel, Blood and Chocolate.

Uh yes, bedtime now, and I need to go to sleep, school tomorrow, unfortunately.

I will see you next week yeah? And look I posted on time too, whoo whoo!!


  1. YES remy + dexter

    i LOVE relationship fangirls, being one myself, so you are a-ok in my book hayley mo ;)