Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Writing Challenge, Test, Trial, Task, Ect...

I’m pretty much good to go on the prewriting stuff and the post writing stuff. I’m a list person, so outlining and mapping is something I enjoy. I tend to base most of my characters on people I meet in real life (you have been warned), and the only time I can get any writing done is when I don’t have enough time to write.

For me the biggest challenge in the writing process is editing. In fact until last year I’d never really edited anything. I just write my paper it, skim over it quick to make sure there aren’t any spelling errors, and send it off to its final destination. I never really saw the point of editing a five page college paper. I’d meant what I’d said, my paper was only one in a stack of at least thirty, and I got A’s regardless of if I hard core edited it or not. Now that I’m writing more than five pages I’ve some how managed to carry this bad habit over with me. The bright side is that it’s easier for me to grasp the concept of editing hundred page stories than the concept of editing college paper.

The problem is that I honestly had no idea how to do it, but after studying the comments the other Ink Slingers have made about my stories it’s gotten a lot easier. I’m able to look at my work with more of an objective eye and accept that it’s just a first draft and changing it is a good thing. If I left it how it was then it would be messy and raw, so in this case admitting it isn’t perfect is a good thing.

Finding the time to edit is also a problem for me, and I’ll let you know how I cope with that part of the problem once I successfully find the time to edit anything the whole way through.


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