Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Issues I Deal With

Sorry late post. Work has taken over my life. Literally. Well not literally but almost.

Anywho I was not forgetting this post this week. Just sayin’ I’ve been falling behind, but I think my good news is a pretty good excuse for it. I was applying to all my lovely schools *cough**fourteen**cough*, and so far I have been accepted into four!! Yay! I will for sure be going to school now!! Celebrate good times come one! Do do do do do do do do….

Sorry I had to burst into song. My apologies.

My biggest challenge is the block. And the doubt. I’m a kid, people do not expect me to want to do what I want to do, to love it appreciate it. I’ve been told, by multiple people that I should wait. But that’s not what I want. So as a writer those are the two things I struggle with.

Alright when I am plagued by the “this blank document makes me want to gouge my eyes out” fairy or “the evil word splicing, sentence snapping, paragraph vivisecting, page defenestrating,” elf, “who does not allow one fine word to spew from my racing fingertips and makes me want to, for all intensive purposes cut my own head off.” Not that I have violent thoughts or anything

I drink tea. Lots and lots of chamomile tea; and each chocolate, lots and lots of dark chocolate. Both are known for stimulating creativity. I also go through iTunes creating random play lists depending on whatever songs I’d like to hear, and then place those play lists on repeat while sitting in front of the computer. I also doodle, endlessly. I pick fights with my sister. Trust me the arguing gets the adrenaline pumping and then the writing just flows. I call my friends and info dump on them over the phone, bouncing ideas off of them until their ears bleed from my incessant babbling. I read. Also watching TV or old movies sometimes helps, listening to the radio too. Or laying upside down on the couch letting the blood rush to your head. I mean the oxygen has got to do something for those creative brain cells up there right?

But when I’m plagued with the “You suck find something else to do with your life” troll, I read Harry Potter because it reminds me why I wanted to do this in the first place why I started. And I sleep. Like curl up in bed for a day sleep. When I’m super stressed and run real thin, sleep is just what I need.

And then, when the block breaks, and the doubt dissipates, I write a sentence that makes me sit back and think, “Wow I can do this.” And I know it to be true.

Okay, sleep, sounds good. Glad I got this post done, sorry about my sketchy not regular-ness, that is going to stop. AS soon as the holidays are over and I can finally catch my breath. Senior-it is set in four years ago and now, thanks to those four little letters, I can allow the disease to spread to its fullest and consume me. SCORE!!! Which means more time for posting, bopin’ around the blogsphere, reading, and virtually stalking all my favorite authors/people. Till next time.

Xoxo Hayley

Yes I was pretending to be gossip girl. No I do not watch the show, or read the books, but the announcer at school awhile ago signed off like that, and I wanted to mimic him, it was cute.

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  1. I actually love the drama on Gossip Girl. Although, I've just moved to France and it's really weird watching Chuck and Blair argue in French. Really weird. And it's true, sometimes you need to rest and rewind--and then jump back into writing. After all, the publishing world moves slow and it will still be there when you wake up! Cheers!